Saturday, April 11, 2009

Repubs. Need a Clue

Of course the Republican diehards that still want to identify with their shriveled stinking husk of a party feel like cultural outliers. Now they are proving it by their inability to navigate the English language. Or is it a Freudian slip that they keep marching right into the vocabulary of the gays that they hate so much.

Case in point, tea-bagging. Some Republicans have decided that in response to no longer running all three branches of the Federal government they should invoke the righteous fury of the Boston Tea Party. Suddenly, they have reservations about government spending. This, after eight years of George W. and his Republican allies in Congress spending money, as Bill Maher says, like a pimp with a week left to live. And now they want to express their frustrations by tea-bagging Obama. WTF? Have these people never seen Pecker?

If that isn't clumsy enough, the anti-gay-marriage crowd has decided to assemble an online, Two Million For Marriage, or 2M4M. Problem is, when most people think of 2M4M, they're not thinking about heterosexual couples at all.


  1. Sinjin von Hoogstraaten4/18/2009

    Are you saying that because W. spent and spent and spent that Obama now also has the right to? Since W. did it, Obama's completely justified? It's WAY more than Bush did and in the view of many, it's leading us toward socialism and creating class welfare by taxing the hell out of those who make more while requiring no or very little in taxes from so many. It's a bad direction for America and it's a legitimate reason to protest.

  2. I'm not citing W's spending as providing a justification for Obama's spending. W wasted an amazing money and so many lives on a war of choice. Because of weapons of mass destruction? Please. Why weren't these frugal tee partiers objecting to this kind of reckless spending?

    Living on borrowed money has been a very bad direction for America for a long time. Long before Obama.

    I also believe fresh iced tea is much better than Coke or Pepsi.

    Thanks for visiting.