Sunday, February 15, 2009

Step Away From The Car

So, there's an auto race. The occupants of the vehicle are wearing helmets. The cars are racing on snow. And the bystanders think they want to be standing around speeding cars on snow? WTF, people? Is anybody surprised that the would-be photographer getting hit. For a real head-shaking experience, there's a video.

Thank you, English Russia, for giving me this opportunity to rant about getting hit by a car.  Why would race fans think they want to be within sliding distance of a speeding vehicle?  But this racetrack behavior is just an extreme version of what I see every winter, pedestrians who want to be walking among cars on snowy streets.  I know it sucks to walk in snowy sidewalks, but it sucks worse to get run over by a car that is having trouble going in a straight line on snowy streets.  The other morning, I drove by this woman who was pushing a stroller in the street when their was only a dusting of snow on the sidewalk.  C'mon, folks.  Step out of the roadway.  And back away from the racetrack!

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