Thursday, February 5, 2009

Russian Doppelgänger Serial Killer

A Russian woman searched social networking sites to find other women who she resembled. So she could kill them and steal their identities.
[I]nvestigators have plenty of evidence that 46-year-old Yulia Pecheneva knifed a woman to death (stabbing her more than 40 times) in December, hacked off her limbs and stashed the remains on the balcony of the victim's apartment. Pecheneva, Zhukova said, wanted to get the deed to the woman's flat and sell it or rent it out for her own financial gain.

A person who kills for property deeds is known in Russian as a "chyorny rieltor," or "black realtor."
WTF, people?  Killing people for their apartments is common enough that there's a nickname for it?

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